The story

The squares of love are great scarves and pareos of exception carrying meaning and sweetness. On each square, a few words of love, a message of tenderness or wisdom are discreetly printed to accompany you like a talisman.

These large squares are made with care, attention, respect in French workshops by craftsmen. Twill silk, crepe de chine, wool and cotton staple. We use natural fabrics and high quality.

For the first collection, the prints recapture the fundamentals of existence: the elements, the colors, the animals, the gluttony is unleashed and intermingles...

Today, everything is virtual. To transmit a message of love by an accessory that one keeps, takes, and touches to feel closer, reassures.

Love escapes all codes, all norms. Words take on their importance. It is a feeling of freedom, of happiness, a vector of energy. The message is positive.



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