Lorka took her first professional steps in the cinema before learning about art embroidery and how to handle the needle in some haute couture embroidery workshops.

Today she offers singular embroidered pictures, mixed with photographic reproductions, working with the Luneville needle and hook.

She likes juggling patterns, playing with graphics and silhouettes, giving value to every stroke and line. She enjoys combining mountainous areas with flat planes, beads and pictures, vibrant colors and tints of pepper and salt. She has multiple sources of inspiration, from America to Asia, from scenes of daily life to those of great paintings.

Nicolas De Pontaud


Between New York and Paris, Nicolas works intensely in fashion, music, television and more recently in mobile apps and web.



Sweetness and hardness are in perpetual duality in the work of this photographer graduated from the school of photography in Vevey. Katia Maeder has collaborated with several photographers in London and New York. She also worked with publishing houses, theater companies as well as a set photographer for cinema.

Nathaniel H'Limi


Nathaniel H’limi is an illustrator, traveler and bold cyclist. He has the French charm and the American class. Graduate of the fine arts he draws as much as he pedals which is all the time and with a single purpose: cover the pages of his notebook with his adventures

Marie-Amélie Journel


Marie-Amélie Journel is a freelance photographer graduated from the Gobelins. She carried out various projects in the area of branding. Always open to new collaborations she promotes working within a collective to stimulate creativity and favor exchanges. Passionate and sensitive she is a photographer who loves to share her stories through her pictures.

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